a life in progress

Month: March, 2001

It’s all happening

Today I remembered a quote, “Do one thing and do it well”. I’ve silently decided to produce the best shows possible. This past week (well past two weeks) I’ve learned a lot about myself. I hate learning about myself. Because once you know that you do certain things, maybe not good things you can’t ignore […]


I can’t even begin to talk about my day today. I really want to get everything down but at the same time I don’t want to have to write it all out. I probably will but give me some time. I met with the Director of Leisure Services (see, told ya) and this woman, who’s […]

I tried to climb your stairs

Well last night I went to Fingertight’s practice. I heard two songs of theirs that I have never heard before and I was totally floored. The songs were awesome! Jonathan didn’t call, which I was totally expecting. I got my car back today and I am sooo happy! Today is an odd day…oh crap.. I […]

I slowly shoot these words like weapons, and slowly go insane

So we had this big Sales/Service Dept. meeting. It was to go over customer complaints and issues and see how they could do things better, faster, easier. Ya know the drill. I like meetings like that because then you can see who’s smart and who’s a complete idiot. I already have my pick for the […]

Have you ever? Did you want to?

So yesterday Jonathan found out that he got the job he wanted (he starts next week) and that he met a blonde Italian girl named Donatella that he promptly slept with quicker than you can say “Got a condom?”. I met him at La Scala to celebrate I guess and that dork we went to […]