it’s not easy being green

by Valli

Okay, I can now officially say that I have met a real life misogynist. What an asshole. He has absolutely no respect for women, he just uses them for sex and cares nothing else about who they are or what they’re about. I just don’t understand people like that… I wonder what happened to make him like that.

Frustrating is the word that describes my life most of the time. I mean you get so close to something just to have it fall apart. You don’t know how much that sucks. I’d really like something to just work out the way I hope it will. Ya know, just meet someone, have the first impression be great, and then find out that they really are as great as I first thought they were… That’d be pretty cool. I wouldn’t object to that at all.

There is someone that I think is a cool person and fits my dating profile. However he’s taken and that pretty much leaves me where I am. I know he thinks of me as a friend, which is great, so who knows, should anything happen with his current relationship, I might be able to step up to the plate. I make a great pinch hitter, although I would want my own spot on the lineup. Okay.. enough of the baseball puns..

I just hate feeling like there is so much here, so much possibility and it’s all going to waste.