a life in progress

Month: June, 2002

Things you can tell just by looking at her…

Todd called me yesterday. Just like he said he would. It wasn’t a very long conversation, not as long as I had hoped for but I was glad it happened at all. What did we talk about? Somehow got on the subject of my virginity….he didn’t ask me outright, It was because we were talking […]

the todd update

I forgot to mention that I won’t be driving my nephews down to L.A., so that means I won’t be stopping by Todd’s place to say “hi”… he emailed me a “note” today, and I wrote him back a small blurb, but I didn’t mention the change in plans… I will when he writes me […]

stupid-ass idiot

The subject line refers to the higher ups at the place where I work. UGH!!!!!!!!!! All I want is a full time job where I actually have enough work and responibilites that will last a whole week. Swear to god I can do my entire job for the week in 2 to 3 days tops… […]

I’m not Persephone

Okay…. so I talked to Kirk online on Monday. He gave me his cell phone number, so I could call him if I wanted. So I was like sure…. I didn’t call him till today, Tuesday. It was horrible… We had hardly anything really good to say to each other. We definitely do better over […]