a life in progress

Month: July, 2002

i smell like mustard

Yes, I smell like mustard because mustard dripped from my cheeseburger onto my new blouse. I wanna go home now. Grrr…. Todd sent me one of those “oddly enough” articles from Yahoo! today. It was about some kid who had his penis bitten off by a donkey. Luckily they were able to reattach it. Like […]

89 Days of Alcatraz

I want to burn the letters that I wrote you Over the phone today it felt like you were fading Losing interest and ready to leave Here I am thinking you were sent to save me I’ve had 89 days of Alcatraz Silly me thinking it was over 89 days of losing my mind Silly […]

I’m a friend, that’s all I’ve ever been

So I met Todd on Saturday. There were no big surprises. He looked like I thought he would, actually even a little better than I had previously thought. He was insanely funny and a lot of fun to talk to, but alas, all I got were hugs. I did such a good job preparing myself […]

I’ve done this sort of thing before

Stupendous! Lets see… I talked to Todd on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday morning I wrote him a quick email saying that I good time talking to him and mentioned a couple other slice of life things. The reasoning behind doing all that was to keep our emailing going, because when we hung up on Tuesday […]

the green apple sea

I got my hair done yesterday and didn’t go back to work after either. That was damn good. Haha.. It ended up taking longer than I thought and I got out of there at like 4:00, there was no way I was going to drive back to Concord, just to turn around after an hour […]