a life in progress

Month: August, 2002

tell me you’re not alright

Goal #11 – A Real Vacation – I’m taking a trip somewhere far away from here for a long period of time. I’m taking a vacation. I am not going to go visit my sister or anything like that. I am going somewhere that I have never been before. I have a year to complete […]

so what are you really after…

*evil laugh* I turned on my computer at work this morning, and my MSN Messenger automatically started up. It popped up a little sign that said I had a email in my box. So I went to check it out and it was an email from Todd with a subject title that read “feeling unloved”. […]

into the woods

Friday was payday and of course I had to go to the record store. I got My Hotel Year and Into The Woods, the broadway production with Vanessa Williams. Its fabulous! I saw the show live a long time ago, so I had forgotten a lot of bits and pieces and the whole overall meaning […]

I wanna know how it is they get that way…

Today is national “Admit That You’re Happy” Day… Okay, I’ll go ahead and admit it, I’m not as happy as I could be. I feel like I should be happier. I don’t have a fatal disease, I have a family that loves me (and that I love back), I have a home, I have money […]

she likes big words

Sooo today is Wednesday. Yep, good ole Wednesday. Nothing is going on really. I got my car Smog checked this morning and it passed famously. I knew it would but I of course still had to worry about it before hand. There was this totally weird and icky old man who could not sit still […]