a life in progress

Month: October, 2002

tell me just what you want me to be

It’s so crazy when you think you’re going to get one type of response and you end up with a completely different one. I suppose I already knew what would happen but I still thought that I would prove myself wrong. It’s sad when people live up to the low expectations that you’ve set for […]

it’s a mad, mad world

So my company’s website is completely ugly and in need of a serious makeover. So I got this guy I know, eddie, to redo it.. Right now he’s trying to create a few different mock ups so we can pick which design we like the best and go with it. So I ask our dumb […]

but my words land far from your heart

I looove that line… its a lyric from the Blindside song listed above. I love Blindside. They’re almost as good as eating Haagan Daz Ice Cream. And they’re from Sweden which is always a cool thing. Supposedly they’re a “christian band” or something. As long as they’re not preaching to me I’m cool… Their music […]

I want what’s yours and I want what’s mine

Okay… So sometimes in the morning I get a horrible tasting double latte from the little espresso cart in the lobby. That’s what I did this morning. From time to time there is a guy down there that talks to the people that work the cart. He’s of average height, maybe a smidgen taller than […]

I can’t forgive and I won’t forget

I had a dream about FT the other night. What happened is that I was at this party in Los Angeles with a bunch of people that in the dream I knew, but I really didn’t know… The party was for me because I had written a screenplay about FT and the screenplay had been […]