I can’t forgive and I won’t forget

by Valli

I had a dream about FT the other night. What happened is that I was at this party in Los Angeles with a bunch of people that in the dream I knew, but I really didn’t know… The party was for me because I had written a screenplay about FT and the screenplay had been made into a movie and the movie was about to be released. So all the guys from FT were there. Scott was there too.. I kept passing by him and stuff thinking nothing of it, until he walked in again and I realized that it wasn’t really Scott but just the actor that plays him in the movie. The actor guy was interested in me and we started talking, but that’s where it ends. How come dreams always end when it gets to the good part?? So annoying…

Today I went to lunch with my two younger cubiclemates and the new guy and this other woman who I never really liked and still aren’t that crazy about. I’m warming up to her though, just a little. She’s still annoying. We went out for chinese food and it was okay… It was actually a good thing ’cause I didn’t eat a lot.

I wanna go home ’cause I’ve got cramps, but I have to stay late because I came to work late and beacuse I took a long lunch, so I have to stay an extra hour. Its not that big of a deal though, it might actually be better this way ’cause then traffic should be a little bit better.

I bought a DVD player last week. So of course I had to buy some DVD’s. I got The Royal Tennenbaums, A Walk To Remember and Kate & Leopold.

Nothing really new to report, so I’m gonna just mosey on over to the homestead… check ya later… haha