a life in progress

Month: November, 2002

my life and the brilliant game

I love Ivy… The band Ivy that is. love, love love. Saw FT on Friday night. I helped stop a stupid rumor from spreading. The guys are big on protecting their image. I don’t mean that in a bad way. They just like to set the record straight, just like anyone would. The show was […]

this sucks

I caught my moms cold and now I’m sick. I’ve been sick since Monday and it really, really sucks. I always have the worst dreams when I’m sick. I dreamt that I was taking a spanish class with my mom and the teacher kept calling on me eventhought I didn’t know anything. So annoying. The […]

you’re not as scared as you used to be

You can’t stop here. You have to keep going and make your dreams come true. I can see it. I can taste it. I can feel it. I know what I want and I think that I have most of what it takes to make it all happen. It’s just getting the A to the […]

there’s always something more you wish he’d say

The time is now 6:14pm and I’m still at work. Is there something wrong with this picture?? Its not that bad. I had work to do and time to make up. I needed to catch up on stuff. I’ve got a stack of other stuff that I need to get done. Ech.. Tomorrow night is […]

I’m a awake now

So last week I bought a brand new car. I got a 2003 Toyota Matrix. Technically you could say that it’s so new that it doesn’t even exist yet. haha.. It’s white and it’s supercool. That’s my new word if you haven’t caught on to it by now. I’m always saying super something. So the […]