no one said it would be easy… no one said it would be this hard

by Valli

A lifelong dream has been realized. I bought a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in Cobalt Blue last Friday. I loove it. It’s amazing. It does everything faster, better, cooler. It’s just the best.

I’m thinking of starting a mini wedding cake business. I got the mini cake pans so I’m going to do some test runs soon.

work. sucks. period. I think it’s been worse lately, ever since this new computer system came into play. It’s a pain in the ass. I dislike my new supervisor, she a sales manager. She’s someone I used to think was dopey in general and now that she’s my ‘boss’ I dislike her even more. I don’t understand her. I try but it never comes out right. We never come out on the same page. Everytime I try to talk about how dopey this place is she tries to come up with something good to say and it’s not like her good thing is truly a good aspect of the company, that’s tainted too. She usually talks about all the autonomy that we have within our positions, which is true to a point. I mean, how good is all of this autonomy when we really don’t have the power to change the things that really matter. And no one wants to tell the vp of sales all the real shit that needs to be changed. lame, lame, lame.

Why do I bother writing all of this stuff out? To help me get through all of this? I dunno.

I came up with a theme for my bedroom. Swingers! The movie Swingers. My sister and brothernlaw got me a Swingers movie poster for xmas like two years ago and I was in Z Gallerie (this really cool home store, it’s like Pottery Barn) and saw these really cool cloth napkins that said like “martini” and it hit me to use that as my theme. So I want to paint the walls a mustard yellow color and then use red as an accent color. I found the duvet and sheet set that I want in the Pottery Barn catalog. Ohh and at Z Gallerie they had these really cool big square candles that had a neat retro design on them that incorporated all the colors I wanted to use like red and yellow. I could spend forever just decorating my room.

Things I’ve learned:
1.) I love to shop
2.) I need to be an entreprenuer and own my own business
3) I love the song ‘like a stone’ by Audioslave
4) I need to go out with a guy that is an extrovert because I am an introvert (learned this from watching The Bachelorette, scary!