everything will never be ok

by Valli

This place is killing people. No it’s true, at least all the young people with brains. We all feel pretty stifled woking here. It’s not pretty. I went out to lunch with my cubiclemates who also happen to be youngsters like myself. It was the best thing ever. I found out that Eliza is looking for another job and of course isn’t having the best of luck. The cool thing was knowing that she feels the exact same way that I do. That this place sucks the life out of you. So refreshing, but at the same time still completely depressing. I feel totally validated knowing now that I’m not a whiny baby and that this place really does suck ass.

Of course you’re saying “well just find another job”… It’s not that easy. Trying to find a job that interests you, pays well and matches your skillset is incredibly difficult, especially if you live in the land of sillicon. I wish I lived in L.A. so that I could get a job in the entertainment biz, but there’s no way I’m moving to la la land. It’s okay to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. That is unless I had a phat house in the hills or something 🙂

I signed up for that Voice Over class I’ve always wanted to sign up for. The company that does them just opened an office in Concord. So it’s perfect. No more excuses. The first class is just introductory but the beginners class is $150 and lasts all day with actual instruction. So I’m looking forward to getting into that.

So by this time next week I’ll be driving back home from Vegas. I can’t friggin wait to go to Vegas! I’m a little annoyed though ’cause the crimson wave is sneaking up on me. Hopefully I’ll get tomorrow so it’ll be pretty much done by Saturday. I hate being a girl sometimes.

I’ve got a dentist appointment tomorrow to check out my wisdom teeth.. or tooth as it were. Tuesday is the FT show in SF. Wednesday I get my hair done, getting the highlights put back in again. Fun, Fun, Fun.

I’m trying to waste as much time as possible today. I only have forty more minutes to go.
Okay.. just got an email that I was cc’d on from my so-called ‘boss’. I HATE her. It’s official. I put her up there with my old boss. Such fucking dumbasses. UGHGHH!!!!!!!

What a fucking bitch… and this was supposed to be my last stop before I started my own business, but I don’t know if I can continue here. This is is too fucking insane.