a life in progress

Month: April, 2003

more than fine

“Save yourself. Because the only thing that matters is that you get away from the pain and the thought of losing your mind. Don’t blame yourself. It was everyone around you who made you act this way. There’s the stage and your chance to watch it go down. Don’t fake yourself into ever, ever thinking […]


So I learned today that they are removing fresh-crap from my desk. yay! This is a good thing and I should be happy. I am not, well not yet at least. I dunno. I suppose I am to a certain extent but I still have to train the people that are taking over the stuff, […]

what’s wrong with me?

13990 I had my one wisdom tooth extracted this morning. They used general anesthesia and it was such a cool feeling! The gas they use makes you feel soo spacey. It’s really neat. I’ve had anesthesia before when I was little and had to have surgery for my hernia, but I can’t remember how that […]

It’s all gray despite the effort you made

“It’s ok if you break You’ll see colors again This is more than you can take You’ll see colors again It’s your life that’s at stake You’ll see colors again Don’t you think it’s my time, anytime soon ” From the song “Painting” by Blindside It’s definitely more than I can take. Yesterday I got […]

the devil wears prada

Actually, in my case the devil has no fashion sense whatsoever and apparently doesn’t care what she looks like at all. The woman needs a makeover. Yes I’m talking about my “supervisor”. She’s still lame. And of course work still sucks. I have an interview tomorrow at this staffing place in SF. I hate the […]