boogity boogity boogity

by Valli

So I came, I saw, I had fun! 🙂 Sunday I went to the NASCAR Winston Cup race in Sonoma. It was really, really cool. It had this festival atmosphere that I really liked. Jonathan was a pain in the ass, a wet blanket, another guy who thinks he knows everything related to anything and everything. So annoying. I am never going to another sporting event or any event for that matter with him ever again. I need to go with someone who is just as excited about it as I am. It’s just not as fun. Plus he made us leave right after the race ended because of the sun and whatnot, I’m like dude I had sunblock this whole time, he used a little bit of it, but like come on. Traffic wasn’t all that bad coming out or going in for that matter, but I would have much rather stayed and gone over to the helipad to see if we could see more drivers in the flesh. That’s one thing that I was disappointed about. But besides Jonathan being a dork and leaving right after the race, the whole experience was very cool. I loved all of the festivities, especially the flyovers from the airforce, and the navy dudes jumping out of planes. The atmosphere was chilled out. When we got there people had already set up their chairs and coolers, and left their stuff to go shop and stuff, and nobody was messing with people’s stuff. So we followed suit and set up our stuff then went wandering around. I got some Dale Jr. stuff, a little teddy bear that has his number 8 on his stomach and a keychain that had a mini diecast of his car, and a sticker. I wasn’t into the whole T-shirt thing, maybe I’ll get a hat one day.

The thing that bugged me was that everybody was in Junior. Which is a good thing, but it’s just annoying when you like someone and so do millions of other people. So I understand how those people, who have a favorite local band and then the band blows up and they have millions of fans, can be annoyed ’cause their band isn’t just “their” band anymore. I feel the same way about Junior, although he never was just mine, I didn’t know him before he became who he is now, but I wish I could go back to that 🙂

All in all I had a great time and I would reccomend it to anyone. Now I wanna go to a race at a big oval track. Sears Point is cool and all but it’s not the same as being able to see guys going around two and three wide into corners. Now that’s really neat. They just added another race at California in L.A., and it’s a night race I think, so I really wanna go to that one, but of course I wanna bring someone, but it has to be a cool person, who understands and who also wants to meet or just see the drivers up close. That’s my only stipulation. ‘Cause its not good to go to something with someone who’s not into it as much as you are. I have realized this now and will do everything within my power to make sure that I can achieve this in the future. 🙂

So get this. At work the sales guy from Texas is going on vacation next week. So I’m the one that has to cover him. All I wanna be able to do is to know enough to get people pineapple. I’m not trying to learn about how to be an ace pineapple salesman. I could give a… well you know. Anyway, the dude from texas is having me come in at 7am all this week and all next week. Now, I can understand about next week, but not this week. This coupled with the fact that I was up at 4:00am yesterday morning doesn’t make me the happiest camper. So I get in today and I call him, after some time of stupid mumblings, he tells me that I should call this one customer and “ask him how he’s doing”, so I’m like what does that mean? And he goes “well, ask him how he’s doing, if he needs anything”. Could he be anymore cryptic? I mean, he makes it seem like it’s some game, like you have to back into asking people if they need pineapple. So gay. So I’m like “ooookay”, of course I said that to myself. Of course I went and called the customer and did what he said and asked him if he needed anything. Saying that makes it seem like you’re selling cocaine or heroine or something. It’s seems shady. It’s like saying “how can I take care of you?” or something. So now I’m thinking that if this is all that he does then why do I have to come in at 7am for the rest of the week? All he had to tell me was, call people and ask them if they want anything. Boom. Done. Lame. Now I can’t get ahold of his dumbass. Ugh!

In other news… I went to meet with this husband and wife that own a furniture design business in Oakland. The wife saw my resume on Craigslist. So they need help with everything administrative and organizational. They’re really nice people. I really like the wife she seems like a cool, easy to get along with person. The husband was nice too. The only problem is that they can’t afford to pay me what I make right now right off the bat, and they’re not even sure of how many hours I would get to work. But they need so much stuff done that I’m sure that it could be a full time position in no time. They’re definitely open to that. Another problem is that they don’t have health insurance right now. Eck! And another thing is that really cool job at the special effects company is still hanging out there. The HR chica at that place will be back in tomorrow, so I’m hoping that the first thing she does is to call me. ‘Cause tomorrow I’ll be going over to the design people’s place after work to start figuring out what they need done. So they’re going to take me on as an independant contractor at first since for the next two weeks I can’t do anything more than work for them after work or on the weekends. I’m just torn though, it’s like what if the special effects job happens and I get it, then what do I tell the design people? I’d just hate to have to ditch them, but if that job is cool and totally works out then I’d have to. It’s amazing how a one hour meeting can totally turn your life upside down. The design place would be fun because I’d be creating a lot of stuff and I’d have a lot of influence and power. So today I’m supposed to talk to my “supervisor” about my idea to work part-time on only royal coast. So I ran that idea up the flag pole but it’s pretty clear that no one is going to support that idea. So now we go to Plan B, which is pretty uncertain to me. I have no idea. I guess I could still leave this job completley and go to work for the designers, with no insurance, and possibly making less than what I’m making here, but would I really do that? The answer is yes. Things would totally suck money wise for a good while, but hopefully things could ramp up. I dunno. I think I’d go for it. It’s the only real job prospect that I have for sure. Although, I still pray that that woman from that special effects company calls me tomorrow for sure! Keep your fingers crossed!