a life in progress

Month: June, 2003

does your heart beat slower?

Damn work. It’s 3pm though, so I shall be able to leave soon, only an hour and 45 more minutes to go. There are some moments when I feel bad for wanting to leave and trying to find another job, but then I quickly remind myself that this place is the 7th clrcle of hell […]

words that kill

” My world’s on fire My life’s overwhelming Just breathe You’re on the next train to life without me Time had nothing left to show so we found out A world on fire A life overwhelming” (“words that kill” by Die Trying) I’m totally digging on Die Trying. I love their first single “Oxygen’s Gone” […]

the strange design of conscience

Damn coughing. I can’t stop and it’s pissing me off.

where I end and you begin

So… Because I got sick last week, I missed work on Tuesday, so I had to come in on Wednesday and Thursday, so that meant that I couldn’t go to L.A. for my cousin’s graduation. I still took Friday off though. Michele called me when I was on my way to the post office and […]


So I went to the Christina Aguilera/Justin Timberlake show on Friday. It was totally hilarious. At least on the audience side of things. First off, all the girls, good bodies and bad bodies alike, were dressed to the nines. This was totally stupid for two reasons 1.) Justin was not going to look out into […]