a life in progress

Month: July, 2003


I’m still happy! I can’t keep the smile off my face. It’s the best! It’s so funny, I know at least four people, maybe five people that are trying to coordinate their escape plans from this place. It’s soo funny! It’s amazing what one resignation will bring out in people. No one is happy here, […]

you don’t know how -good- this feels!

THANK GOD! I am finally free of this place! So the guy from the CCT called me and offered the job to me. I accepted after making sure I got the right salary and all. It’s not more than what I’m making now but it’s the same and that’s good enough for me right now. […]

all I ever wanted was your life

I really want to write out my resignation letter. It may seem premature but I just really want to. I mean even if I don’t get the CCT job I’ll get something else and I’ll still need a resignation letter. So why not write it all out now when I have everything so fresh in […]

the quiet things that no one ever knows

So I went to the interview at the Contra Costa Times for’s Sales Assistant position. is a separate company from the regular CCTs. The general manager guy was right, that is a lot of words. Anyway… it went really well and he said that I’m the top candidate. He said I was smart, […]

operator… get me Sweden

I hate hearing people argue. I feel completely uncomfortable and wish that they would just go away. So of course that is what happened today. My “supervisor” got into it with another coworker and they left the door open. So wretched and annoying. I have an interview tomorrow at the Contra Costa Times for a […]