the quiet things that no one ever knows

by Valli

So I went to the interview at the Contra Costa Times for’s Sales Assistant position. is a separate company from the regular CCTs. The general manager guy was right, that is a lot of words. Anyway… it went really well and he said that I’m the top candidate. He said I was smart, which I had to agree with him on. So he said he would let me know on Monday. Monday is when he’s going to send out the offer to whomever he chooses, which is going to be me! I hate saying this but I really feel it, but it’s in the bag! I mean how can you tell someone they’re your top candidate for the position and then not hire them?? I mean it’s not like he was going to see other people after me. So now I’m trying to figure out what to do about the FX people. It definitely seems like there are a lot of long term opportunities with CCT, but on the other hand the FX dealy is just really cool. I dunno. I can’t really say I don’t even have the FX job to choose from yet. Grr. I just don’t want to make the wrong decision and regret stuff ya know?

It’s complicated and yet not. I guess I just have to put things in perspective and think about what this is all for, Yes, that is it.

I was telling my mom today that I feel like that guy in that Circuit City commercial (I think it’s Circuit City, anyway). The one where he buys this TV and puts it in his armoire but it still has all this room around it and his wife says “we can go bigger” and then he does like this happy fist pumping thing and makes this excited sound. That’s how I felt today! That’s how I felt about the thought of being able to tell Maui where to stick it, and that I’d only be giving them ONE, count ’em, ONE week of notice on my departure. Yeah baby! I would of course tell my new employer that I’d have to give them 2 weeks, so that I could have some time off before the new deal started.

I’m so looking forward to this weekend. It shall be full of rest and relaxation on my part. I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight and I’ll be able to wake up tomorrow at whatever time I want! Ah! I’m so pathetic that I’m daydreaming about sleeping!