a life in progress

Month: July, 2003

don’t let it get you down

So, Monday night I went to the John Mayer/Counting Crows concert at the pavilion. It was a friggin high school picnic or something. Why are high school boys so short? I dunno. I couldn’t tell if there were any guys my age or not, I wasn’t really trying that hard to look I guess. Maybe […]

you are welcome

So Saturday I went to The Boardwalk with Michele and we saw Alient Ant Farm and Die Trying. There was an added bonus because Papa Roach was there. Jacoby Shaddix touched Michele and she was excited. It was really nothing, he was talking to the bouncer guy that Michele knew and of course Michele being […]

what a bringdown

Take the title half seriously. I went to the interview yesterday. Of course there are things that I felt like I should have done better and talked more about or less. Overall I think it went well, I think I made a good impression on them. They’re kinda unsure about when they’ll know the decision, […]

from a balance beam

Today is the interview. It’s going to go very well in my favor and they are going to hire me. Yes this is apart of the whole positive thinking dealy I got going on. Seriously though, I really do want this interview to go well. I’m right for the job and I can do a […]

how to be lucky in ten easy steps

1.) Think Positively It’s a lot harder than it sounds. I think I have a pretty realistic outlook on life, but there are sometimes where I feel like I could be more positive about things. I could use more good luck, who couldn’t? Especially in the dude department. Every time I read the magazine, Fast […]