a life in progress

Month: August, 2003

got a scar I can talk about

I got a new chair at work today and my butt is sooo happy! It’s super comfy and changeable. No more butt pains for me! 🙂 Once I get all of my supplies and the new cubes come in I will be all set. I can’t wait. Let’s see, one thing I’ve noticed is that […]

hard to find

Strange days. Strange days. I’m bored. I need more work to do. I know should probably not say that but it’s true. I’m sure I’ll get more as time goes on. I’ll have more to do once my supplies get here. I hope he ordered them. I got an extension cord for my speakers so […]

still no music, but closer

So get this, I talked to Jesse from FT today and they were all at Lollapalooza yesterday just like me, but we didn’t see each other. How annoying. I was totally thinking about that yesterday too trying to keep my eyes peeled, but there were SOOOO many people there. Way more than were at BFD. […]

no music

So this whole no music thing is starting to get to me. I don’t have speakers on my computer here at work so I can’t listen to music. They’re supposed to either fix the ones that I had or get me new ones. I might have to resort to bringing in my radio/cd player. If […]


So I started the new job last Monday. Tomorrow will be the end of my second week. I’ve learned a lot about how things are done and I feel comfortable and I feel like I can do the job really well. Everything will be a lot less annoying once everything is in place. We’re getting […]