a life in progress

Month: September, 2003

everyday is a winding road

Just shoot me now people. Actually, no don’t shoot me, I’m not a psychopath, shoot this damn sales rep at my office. She’s so fucking annoying. I turn into Patrick Bateman (american psycho) and daydream about shooting her in the head whenever she talks to me. I know, I know, its kinda violent, but it […]

i know it by heart

I feel like a kid that’s been left in class alone while the teacher goes and gets something from the office. It’s like free time or something. Oh damn, spoke too soon. My ex boss and new boss were both gone, and now my new boss is back. Damnit. It’s only 2:51 and I’m bored. […]

cold nose

My nose is cold. This place is always freezing. I do prefer it to being hot though. A cold nose is a small price to pay. So yea. Nothing new to repot since yesterday. I’m super happy that today is Friday and I get to go to sleep tonight and wake up whenever I want […]

you’ll never find it if you’re looking for it

And so the story goes. I’m so incredibly bored right now. I just want to go home eat something fabulous and go to sleep, which is what I suspect that I will do. I’ve worked out everyday since last Thursday and I’m starting to sloooow down, but even if I go home and eat and […]

air to sky

Lame people suck. I should totally put that on a t-shirt. It’s sad though because the lame people would read it and not know that they’re the ones I’m talking about. Everybody always thinks the joke is on someone else. Here I am, bored again. I suppose that there are things that I could be […]