air to sky

by Valli

Lame people suck. I should totally put that on a t-shirt. It’s sad though because the lame people would read it and not know that they’re the ones I’m talking about. Everybody always thinks the joke is on someone else.

Here I am, bored again. I suppose that there are things that I could be doing, but I just don’t want to do them. Mostly because they are boring.

I got my new 2004 Dale Jr. calendar today. He’s such a cutie. I can’t wait till next year! They’ve got a lot of really good pictures 🙂

Hmm.. Can’t seem to think of anything really good to say today. Nothing’s really that new with me. You know how badly I want to start the Playground. Nothing new there. I’ve started exercising. I started last Thursday. 30 minutes with Gilad. 🙂 And I’m basically 100% on the south beach diet now. I wanna see results damnit. I wanna see results now. I’m so incredibly impatient, but I keep telling mysefl that I’ll get there. Just the fact that I’m doing something about it now makes me feel fifty times better.