cold nose

by Valli

My nose is cold. This place is always freezing. I do prefer it to being hot though. A cold nose is a small price to pay.

So yea. Nothing new to repot since yesterday. I’m super happy that today is Friday and I get to go to sleep tonight and wake up whenever I want tomorrow. I also get to finally pick up my AAF cd!

Next Tuesday the new Fuel cd comes out. I’m soooo excited. I love new music Tuesdays. I’m actually happy about Monday because we get to have Noah’s bagels. 🙂 I loooooooooooooove Noah’s Bagels! Hmm, I wonder if they have the Banana Nut Bagels again. I love those suckers. I wish we had a Noah’s in Antioch.

Anywhoo, I finally get to leave…. yay!