i know it by heart

by Valli

I feel like a kid that’s been left in class alone while the teacher goes and gets something from the office. It’s like free time or something. Oh damn, spoke too soon. My ex boss and new boss were both gone, and now my new boss is back. Damnit.

It’s only 2:51 and I’m bored. Ugh. This day cannot go by fast enough.

I’m excited about tomorrow for three reasons. 1.) TGIFFF (Thank God Its Finally Freaking Friday) It’s Friday, the last day of the work week, yessss! 2.) I get to get my hair done after work! woo-hoo! and 3.) My ad goes up on East Bay Business Times website, which I am superexcited about. I hope it brings me something good 🙂

I must pledge my guilty pleasure of the month. Thy name is Nickelback. I know, I know, Nickelback? It’s that song “someday” that just gets me. He (lead singer, chad) has this passion in his voice that just hits me. I love it. The whole cd is overall ok/good, and there are a few songs that I really, really like. Sometimes you just need someone like that all yelly, and toughy, and all that. Plus I think he’s kinda sexy. I know he’s not like everybody’s standard of hottie but he works for me 🙂 haha..

I should come up with a new daydream everyday. Hmm… so for today it will be running a staff meeting with all of my employees. We’d congregate in the “lounge” area where all of the couches & chairs are set up. I’d remind them of the upcoming shows on the schedule, give them their schedules for the following week, congratulate people who have done something exceptionally well. Ahh… This is so me, it’s just sick.

yay! it’s 4:30! Only half an hour to go! 🙂