everyday is a winding road

by Valli

Just shoot me now people. Actually, no don’t shoot me, I’m not a psychopath, shoot this damn sales rep at my office. She’s so fucking annoying. I turn into Patrick Bateman (american psycho) and daydream about shooting her in the head whenever she talks to me. I know, I know, its kinda violent, but it makes me feel better. It’s not like I’d ever do anything like that, it’s not that serious. I just think it’s funny to think about whacking her over the head with a two-by-four. She’s such a jackass. I can’t believe someone with as little computer knowledge as her can be selling online adverts, it’s crazy.

Can I go now? God I’m sick of this. I just want out. Now. Badly. Really badly.

In downtown Pittsburg there is this building that has 24,000 square feet available. It’s fabulous! It’s only 30 cents a square foot, which is absolutely, ridiculously good. It is sooo cool. I could totally live there and have the Playground. The only drawback, well the BIGGEST drawback is that it is in fact located in downtown Pittsburg with now foot traffic to speak of. And frankly, I wouldn’t feel all that comfortable sending my 16 y/o down there at night either. So it’s all very bittersweet. 30 cents a friggin square foot. That’s insane!!

God I gotta get a business going, or else I’m going to lose my mind. 🙂 This is all getting old very quickly.

I feel like I’m stuck in a prison and writing in this journal is my only way of connecting to the outside world. Help! Help! Get me out!

Went to the movies yesterday with my Mom and saw “the rundown” with The Rock and Christopher Walken. It was purdy good. Very funny. The rock is hot. I always knew that but yesterday just enforced it.

I was so pissed watching the NASCAR race yesterday. Damn Michael Waltrip. Junior totally should have won that race, but at least he got points and stuff.

I wanna do something fun. I’m tempted to plan a trip to go see a John Mayer concert somewhere I’ve never been, which would be tons a places! 🙂 I just wanna get away again. But for longer than I did when I went to Vegas. A week would be beautiful. I really did have fun when I went to Vegas. I love vacations. I love doing nothing. I love just being aimless. When everything you’re doing is special, is just extra. When everything doesn’t feel like work, like a “have to” or something.

ahh… a new business idea is born, and it’s something I can start right now. yay! 🙂