a life in progress

Month: October, 2003

be happy for this moment, this moment is your life

I have to go work out in a moment. yay! By this time next week I will be in Los Angeles, visiting my sister and the family. I’m driving down on Halloween. My mom is taking the train down on Thursday. Coincidentally FT’s tour with Mudvayne will be in La La Land at that same […]

hey you, yes you

I haven’t written in this thing for a while. I’m basking in the fact that the evil sales rep isn’t here today. yay! She’s so irritating. I wish they would just make her work from home always. In other news, I’m working on the bio for the FTfc site. I’ve got the buzzbin page figured […]

lie to me, I swear I’ll believe

by george I think I’ve got it! Parting Gifts!!! Ahh! It’s perfect! That is going to be the new name of my wedding favors company. Yes, Yes, I am a genius. Thank you, thank you. *does the ms.america/ms.usa thank you hand gestures, hands open, palm up, nodding towards the judges* This is great. It’s the […]