a life in progress

Month: December, 2003

how sweet it is

I get to leave work right after my Josh Groban cd finishes saving to my computer, which should be in a couple minutes. I’m super excited. I get to go home and chill out with my new guitar and try to play it. That should be fun, embarrassing and entertaining all at the same time. […]

a duplex and checks

I’ve come down with “john mayer disease”. I can’t stop talking, thinking and writing about the poor guy. This should really stop. I’m afraid that only way to be cured is to meet the guy and have the bubble personally burst by Mr. JM himself. Some magazine in New York wrote a blurb about how […]

it’d be haagen-daz

“When you meet that perfect someone, all you do is screw day and night. I don’t mean to sound like a horny toad, but that’s the truth. Let’s just hope I don’t meet that perfect someone for a while, because then all I wanna do is sit around with Tivo, some ice cream, and just […]

happy songs for happy people

Why is it that I’m the one who ‘supposedly’ knows where everything is in this freaking office? It’s like yes, so I ordered some stuff a couple times, that doesn’t make me office manager person. If it’s not in my job description then I don’t do it and I don’t care. I have this really […]

elevator love letter

idiots, idiots, idiots. Some people are just that. Idiots. Like this woman at work. She couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag. Even if you gave her a map! She’s fucking clueless. My favorite days are the days when she’s not here. I just have to say that indie songs have THE best […]