happy songs for happy people

by Valli

Why is it that I’m the one who ‘supposedly’ knows where everything is in this freaking office? It’s like yes, so I ordered some stuff a couple times, that doesn’t make me office manager person. If it’s not in my job description then I don’t do it and I don’t care.

I have this really great way of turning nothing into something in my head. Like there’s this guy who works in my department. He has a girlfriend and frankly I’m not even sure if I’ve made my mind up about him. I mean he’s nice to me and all, at first I wasn’t sure what his disposition was, but I’m pretty sure now that he means well in everything. He has a degree in journalism and uses really big words whenever possible. He kind of has that know-it-all feel to him but he’s not a complete ass. Anyway, he has longish hair and he’s tall and I dunno. He’s kinda cute. Anyway lately he’s taken to calling me “kiddo” and making sure to say “hi” to me when he comes anywhere near my cube. I suppose it’s not off, hence the “making something out of nothing” beginning to this little diatribe. There’s just something more to it. I dunno. Like today, he came up to talk to psycho idiot peson I don’t like, and her cube is in front of mine., so he didn’t have to pass by me, but he did and he like grabbed my chair and shook it (with me in it) and said “hi” or something. so it’s all very circumstantial.

But back to the person I hate. Why is it that at every job I have there HAS to be someone who has to say everything emotion or feeling that comes into their head??? She’s constantly saying stuff like “I’m sooo hungry” or “it’s soooo cold in here” Like duh. it’s always fucking cold in here. We established that like months and months ago.

Okay… daydream time:
I’m sitting in my office at The Playground putting together the agenda for tomorrows staff meeting. Suddenly the phone rings and it’s the booking agent for John Mayer confirming that The Playground will be the fifth date on his upcoming club tour.

Now that’s a good one. 🙂 hehe