it’d be haagen-daz

by Valli

“When you meet that perfect someone, all you do is screw day and night. I don’t mean to sound like a horny toad, but that’s the truth. Let’s just hope I don’t meet that perfect someone for a while, because then all I wanna do is sit around with Tivo, some ice cream, and just screw. …and I won’t be playing music for you guys.” – John Mayer

See.. I’m becoming a John Mayer fan, I’m posting quotes. I love reading all of his quotes. Especially this one because this is what we’re going to be doing when we find each other damnit. 🙂 Yep, so that sounded completely psycho stalkerish, but not really, because even if the guy for me isn’t John Mayer, the guy that I do end up with will want to do those exact same things, So it’s cool. 🙂