a duplex and checks

by Valli

I’ve come down with “john mayer disease”. I can’t stop talking, thinking and writing about the poor guy. This should really stop. I’m afraid that only way to be cured is to meet the guy and have the bubble personally burst by Mr. JM himself. Some magazine in New York wrote a blurb about how he bought a loft in SoHo and they gave his exact address. Everybody on the message boards were talking about it saying that it was wrong of them to post his address, ’cause now all the crazies will know where he lives. So of course being a “crazie” myself, I know the address and it just so happens that mi familia and I are planning a trip to the big apple in May, so of course I was trying to find all the hotels that are close to where he lives. hehe. Which is crazy yes, but you never know. I mean he’ll probably be on tour then or something, but it would be cool to just be walking down the street and bump into him. *dreamy sigh* They played his appearance on Saturday Night Live again this past Saturday, so I tivo’d it.

So let’s see. As would be expected I’d rather not be here right now. No I’d rather be at home in bed watching tv or something. Yep. So this is my futile attempt at trying to make the time fly by. This entry wouldn’t be complete without a rant about my brain dead coworker. She’s so annoying. I don’t think I’ve gone a day (when she’s here) without saying “god, I hate this woman” and then saying “okay, okay, hate is too strong a word, but it’s really freaking close” and then saying “I gotta get out of here”

That’s it! I’m SOOO going on the Dale Jr cruise next year. I went to Junior’s website to check it out and see if he updated his message of the week and he did, talked about his xmas, what he got, blah, blah, blah and then I went to check out the photo gallery. They had a bunch of photos from the cruise from this year and dude, oh my god, it’s soo funny. They had these “beach games” thingys with everybody from the ship, everybody was in a bathing suit and I didn’t see one person that would make me roll my eyes and feel crappy about my body, all of the women were “real women” if you know what I mean, so now I’m SUPER stoked about going next year. I don’t know why exactly but I dunno. From looking at those pictures I’m just not afraid of anything now. 🙂 I just know where I’d be when they’re doing those “beach games”, standing on the sidelines, wearing jeans, a shirt and sunglasses, with a fruity drink in hand, laughing at all the dorks who decided to make fools of themselves in front of my future husband. haha. 🙂

Of course the minute that I thought that I had dodged getting sick at xmas time for the first time in years I come down with a cold three days later. The day before we left for la la land, my throat started to hurt and then the next day I was a full blown sickie. Completely not fun. So I was sick through xmas and am now feeling 90% like a normal functioning human being. Xmas was cool. The cookies got tons of toys as usual. My gifts were the slow acting type this year because they didn’t have anything to do with Power Rangers, so the kids didn’t appreciate them until two days after they opened them. I got a new Swatch watch from me sister, plus a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy and “lip butters”. My mom got me an acoustic guitar, which I still haven’t opened and played around with yet but I will soon I promise. I gotta get the Lisa Loeb sheet music for “tails”, there’s this song called “sandalwood” that I wanna learn, really, really, really, badly. 🙂

Ok, I’m outtie… Gotta go buy “the Darkness” yay!!