that’s the danger in going my own way

by Valli

Those same old feelings are making a comeback. Yes folks, Valli is ready to bid adieu to the corporate life and jump feet first into the small business arena. I long for it.

This is all happening because they’re pissing me off here at work. So I come in today and find out that I have to get coffee from downstairs and bring it up to the conference room where they’re having some sort of meeting about one of our products. The only reason I know what they’re talking about is because I overheard them talk about it yesterday. No one ever told me to my face that they were going to need me to get stuff for the meeting today. And you can’t just go down to the cafeteria and grab the coffee pots and go, you have to put in a request. Of course they didn’t think to follow the rules and put in their request so I did just now. Fucking lame. I hate it when people wait till the last minute to do shit, especially when they want me to be involved. I’m perfectly happy waiting till the last minute on stuff when only I’m involved, when it’s something that only I can do, but when it’s something that they’re setting up for a group of people that are coming, that we should be impressing. That really annoys me. There’s no excuse. Write shit down! How hard is that??

If writing in my journal earned me money towards the playground, I’d have enough to start it by now. Too bad good intentions don’t equal money. Or passion for that matter. Or dedication. Maybe I should figure out another way of getting there? I think the only way to do it faster would be to start a way, way small business like the clothing company idea and pray that that one works out better than this parting gifts idea has. I dunno, I still think the Parting Gifts idea is good, it’s just that I don’t feel like actually baking anymore.. haha. How convenient, huh? So with clothing I don’t have to actually make the clothes, just the logos, which isn’t hard, since I can do it at work. And I can start sellin those bad boys instantly with an online store, which won’t be hard to set up. Yep. I gotta reserve the website name.

I’m so excited about going home today, my mom’s fabulous chili is waiting for me with Baked Doritos. 🙂 hehe. Those things are soo good. I think I prefer baked doritos to regular doritos now.

“I can’t wait to figure out what’s wrong with me,
so I can say this is the way that I used to be”

I just like that quote from a JM song “split screen sadness” I think that song is my fave off of Heavier Things. Ok.. yea.. I’m going now.. later…