sharing time

by Valli

So after having yet another tearful crying session with my mom about my life and the direction I want it to take I did several things. Well first I should say the whole crying thing was on my part, because when I get to these points when I feel like I can’t take it anymore I feel like my life is crashing down on me and that I’m no where near where I want to be, I just have to talk to my mom in the hopes that it’ll help and basically I just have to have my cry out.

Ok, that was a serious run on sentence right there. Anyway. My mom did the usual “go back to college” song and dance. I wish she would stop ’cause it’s so not going to happen. I’m determined to get what I want without that damn degree. But she did say something good. She said that I haven’t really searched out all the possibilties and really talked to someone who’s doing what I want to do and asked them how I could get into it. So to pick up where I started this entry at, after I had my cry and we talked I went to Barnes & Noble, got a bunch of business magazines (to re-engergize) a new “chik lit” book (to zone out) and a book on CD by Dr. Deepak Chopra about “coincidences” and how to listen to them (to help me relax). Then I went to the Vitamin Shoppe (as I like say “vitamin shoppeeeeeeeeeee”) and got some Echincea ’cause I felt like I was getting sick, and then over to the new Jamba Juice for my first ever Jamba Powerboost, which was a total boost and pretty yummy. Now if only they had a drive thru like Starbucks. 🙂

Anyway… after I did all that I came back home and went on Craigslist and wrote this ad for the Los Angeles resumes section.

Shallow, Superficial Super Personal Assistant Available
Reply to:
Date: Sat Jan 24th 05:04

I’m not actually shallow or superficial but I thought that might get a laugh.

At any rate, I am a smart young woman with tons of admin work experience in varied fields. Unfortunately for me the one field that I haven’t delved into has been the entertainment industry, and wouldn’t you know it that’s the one place I want to be the most.

Aside from the administrative work experience that I’ve had, I’ve also worked with local bands, producing shows. My work can be viewed at

What my work with The Playground proves is that I know how to organize – people, places & things. And I know how to do it well and without pissing off cops. (in case you require that type of thing, I don’t know, maybe you do) Seriously, I live to organize, to make things run better, faster and more efficiently. Couldn’t we all use a little of that in our lives?

One of the bands that I’ve worked with (and continue to) has gone on to be signed by Columbia Records, they’re called Fingertight (and they’re an awesome band btw)

At work, I’m always the person people ask for help when they don’t know how to spell a word, or how to use a particular computer program. I possess intelligence, a sense of humor, perfectionist tendencies and a strong dose of common sense.

I currently live in Northern California but am willing and able to move to Los Angeles for the right position. I’m not going to lie and beat around the bush, you don’t have the time to waste and neither do I. This is my life and I want to be happy and have as much fun as possible. What this means is that I want to have a job that I love, within an industry that I love. What this also means is that I’m not going to fool around and not do a great job. I want to do a phenomenal job and help people.

You want someone you can trust and communicate with and feel like you’re getting your ideas across. Did I mention that I’m an incredible communicator? That’s mostly because I get what you’re trying to do, I get that you don’t want to have to tell someone something over and over again. I get that you want to save time.

So if you’re looking for someone to be your right hand, your gal friday, then send me an email ( and I’ll send you the official version of my resume.

If you’re not interested in hiring me (why not??) I am interested in meeting people who are either in this kind of position already or are trying to hire someone, and talking to them about how to get into this kind of work.

——-the end———

I love what I wrote. It’s pretty funny if I do say so myself. I’ve had one response so far from someone who wanted a picture and my resume. Weird. I didn’t give either of course. I wrote ’em back and asked him what they wanted them for, you know in consideration for what?? I’m going to delete it and post it again on monday when people are back at work or whatever lookin’ for fabulous peeps like me.

Can I just say here and now that I don’t like the version of the song “why don’t you and I” by Santana with Alex Band from The Calling? I hate his vocals on it and I much prefer Chad Kroeger’s.. they’re sooo much better…

That’s pretty much all that I wanted to say.. 🙂 Oh and that I had a fantabulous dream about Dale Earnhardt Jr. the other night. Okay, it wasn’t the greatest actually. It started crappy and ended crappy but the middle was good. So I’m this place, I don’t know where really for sure, I don’t think it was a race but maybe. Anyway he was there and there were all these blonde, stick figure girls around and around him and I was of course “ew gag me”. So I thought all hope was lost of him ever wanting to get with me, then somehow we come together and he’s totally into me and we’re making out and it’s great. Then at the end I’m like “You’re just so intoxicating” (I told my mom I said that she’s like “what did he say? ‘that’s the cheesiest line I’ve ever heard’, my mom’s a nut) to which he didn’t say anything but then something happened to where I wasn’t who he thought I was like physically, and he had to go ’cause he was supposed to be with one of the blonde stick figures. So I was like fucking A! Strangely enough I’m not and was not (in the dream) mad about it. I was sad but I felt like he could come back or that he would come back. Weirdness. I was just happy that I finally have a dream where I kiss Dale Jr. 🙂

I’m out now because there’s this documentary/show thingy coming on about Nascar and Dale Jr that VH1 did, hehe.. I’m tivo’ing it and then it’s Golden Globe time! woo-hoo! 🙂