a life in progress

Month: February, 2004

tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away!

“I want to roll my darkness into a million suns I need to find forgivness when all the pain is done I wanna hear I’m sorry, I wanna let you go I have to find my own life, I wanna learn to grow” Take Me As I Am – Tonic I am verry, verry excited […]

we’ll never feel bad anymore

fucking cofee. I hate it when they mess up the cups when they put the lids on and you get that dribble cup effect. Where you’re drinking the coffee and it spills on you and you don’t even know it till you happen to look down at your shirt. Ugh! Anyway…

have a little faith in me

My stomach is killing me. I’ve taken Motrin and it still fucking hurts. This is ridiculous. Ok, this will sound really weird but I have to talk about it. My boss makes these annoying moaning type noises when she talks to people. You know how in a conversation when someone says something say and you […]

logic will break your heart

Hmm.. I wanted to write something here today and I really don’t have much to say. I talked to Angela about the after party and I expressed my concerns about crowd control and making sure we keep it “chill” and she totally agreed. So we’ve got a plan on how we’re going to distribute the […]

I don’t come back when I’m thrown

My eyes are burning, but not burning, burning, but just like they were never supposed to be open this long and they’re tired. Yes, I’m still tired. I get to go home in twenty minutes, thank god. I’m going to have dinner, watch the final episode of Sex and the City and then go to […]