have a little faith in me

by Valli

My stomach is killing me. I’ve taken Motrin and it still fucking hurts. This is ridiculous.

Ok, this will sound really weird but I have to talk about it. My boss makes these annoying moaning type noises when she talks to people. You know how in a conversation when someone says something say and you go “ohh” like in sympathy, usually you follow it up with a “oooh, that sucks” well, when she does the “ooh” part its a moan and she does at other times in the conversation. Even when its not something sad and she’s talking to someone she just sounds like she’s having phone sex with them or she’s flirting with them. It’s annoying.

My mom’s cousin died today. I wasn’t close to her or anything so I feel really removed from it, but at the same time it makes me feel incredibly sad. I just feel so sad for her, obviously because she died but more so because her life wasn’t all that it could of been. She never marrried or had kids. I dunno if she wanted all of that but I know that it wasn’t something that she definitely didn’t want. Everything has been so sudden, it was only a few weeks ago that we found out that she had cancerous tumors on her lungs that spread to various areas, just getting worse. I have to stop writing about this. I just came back from the bathroom where I cried and now my eyes are all red. I haven’t told anyone about this. I won’t unless I have to miss work or whatever. They don’t need to know. Plus my boss has been kinda witchy lately, er annoying. I dunno. Whatever. She can kiss my ass.