a life in progress

Month: March, 2004

under a dream of a lie

I don’t like the new chick. She’s one of those icky, talkie, talkie, uber bitch chicks. I dunno. She’s the type of woman you’d see at a bar with a group of friends drinking beer in glasses, listening to Dave Matthews Band, dating a guy who wears khakis and plays golf. Maybe she was a […]

biz casual

I so do not want to be here today. I REALLY, REALLY do not want to be here today. I’m wearing a damn skirt and “business casual” outfit that I totally dislike because it’s annoying and not comfortable, and I wish I could be in my jeans and sneakers. The only good thing is that […]

bring it on

So yesterday I wrote about that guy Joe and how I wrote him back and gave him my phone number. Well he called me this morning around 9 something. It was an interesting conversation because I pretty much thought of him as being a jerk, so I wasn’t all nervous and girly. It was great […]

underachievers please try harder

Ok, so I feel better today. Actually last night I was happy and having a good time. Not fretting too much about Joshua. I was very proud of myself for that. And this morning, a few moments after I woke up I checked my email and he had written me. So that was a great […]

pawn shoppe heart

Ya know, now I have a new idea for a retail clothing store. A small one. A boutique of sorts. I think the fact that when I was walking around downtown walnut creek with Joshua we passed by these little skinny chick boutique shops made me think about it. Of course my store wouldn’t be […]