a life in progress

Month: April, 2004


“I’ve made some bad choices in that area,” she said but added, “I’m changing the tape in the tape recorder. Now, all I hear myself saying over and over again is that I’m going to find the right man.” – Halle Berry, discussing love relationships, in light of her recent divorce from Eric Benet Right […]

grin and bear it

I’m surprised I didn’t come up with that earlier. It’s what I have to do in order to get what I want. Unless of course some amazing job came up in the meantime. I’m thinking about getting a second job in order to help me pay things off faster. If I do do that I’m […]

you don’t know me, but you owe me

Let’s see, everytime something gets annoying I want to bail. Couldn’t be more true. But it’s not that I want to bail because I’m a slacker. It’s because I want to do something better. I want The Playground and nothing else. It’s so simple but so freaking hard. I wish for more patience. Or for […]

trapped in a box

I’m feeling sick. It’s either sick or allergies. Either way it’s annoying and I wish it would go away. Eck.. Well I dunno.. there isn’t much to say. I’m going home now. 🙂 Ohh.. .just checked out Gwen Stefani’s LeSportsac handbag line called L.A.M.B. and I’m sooo getting the cold hard cash wallet, and maybe […]

the book of right-on

I’m tired from doing all this crappy paperwork. It’s got my head hurting and spinning. I’m glad both bosses are gone so I can just chill out for the next half hour. Food. So lame. You would think that since I enjoy suffering that going on a diet and not eating anything would be a […]