a life in progress

Month: May, 2004

legitimate celebrity

I love it when I have reasons to write in this thing. (Jamie, I seriously owe you an email, and I’ll get to it eventually, but most of what I have to say will probably end up here) So… first off, that ho/bitch/jackass kimmie gibler is getting on my last nerve. Here’s the deal. My […]

dolly parton can’t sing anymore

This is true. I’m watching her right now on the Ellen Degeneres show. Horrible. Poor Dolly. I’m at work and the only two people here are me and my boss, well one of my bosses. It’s weird. I hope he leaves at 5 so I can have my last hour to myself. 🙂 That’d be […]

i’m not content to crawl

Overall this morning has been good, it was preceeded by a purdy good weekend too. I saw Van Helsing with Jamie and Michele. Unfortunately Richy was right about the movie being completely horrible. It was funny though. They should of just turned it into a spoof on vampire flicks or something. Ugh.. I’m now off […]

donations, donations

It’s hard to get donations, I need to get them or else I’m going to look like a complete idiot to this guy that I’ve had a crush on since high school. It’d be a seriously sad state of affairs if I can’t get someone, anyone to dontate some dough (not pizza dough, I’m talking […]

diabolical insults

It’s 10-o-clock on Saturday night and I’m dying for a white chocolate mocha, but I’m tired. Sleep would be good right now. Well today I updated my myspace profile, so I think I’ve entered something in every option possible. There was a Keen Eddie marathon on today. That was my first time actually watching the […]