a life in progress

Month: June, 2004

look, i just don’t like you

The bitch (kimmie gibler) asked me if I would have time to make more media kits this week. Is there something wrong with her fucking hands that I don’t know about?? Is she allergic to pushing buttons on the color copiers?? Or is she scared that using our color printer will cause her to gain […]

what color is blue

Reason Number 25 for why I hate Kimmie Gibler: She’s a jackass. Case in point last Friday she declares (to anyone within hearing distance) that she can’t seem to lose these last ten pounds, eventhough she works out 5 to 6 days a week. That in and of itself is grounds for ripping her head […]

it’s already been brung!

I need to make a shirt that says “shut up” and then wear it to work. ‘Cause this girl never ever shuts the hell up. This morning I had my appointment with the surgeon at the WLS center. He arrived late because something came up, but while I was waiting the nurse manager got a […]

in the pursuit of leisure

Yesterday was the Weight Loss Surgery Class, Dietician Class and meeting with the Psychotherapist. First off, the Weight Loss Surgery Center is really nice and quiet which I like. It’s not all packed with people and crap. That was great. Overall the Mt. Diablo Medical Center is a nice hospital. Anyway, I got there at […]

we’re all waiting

I gotta get out. It never, ever fails. It never, ever fails. I come back to work after a three-day weekend or even just a regular one and I am immediately smacked in the face with the fact that I do not want to be here anymore. I have my plan of course but it’s […]