i picture a different choice

by Valli

I don’t want to be here. Gosh I don’t want to be here. I really need to start playing the lottery. 🙂

The sperm donor emailed me back today. The jackass didn’t even say he was sorry for not being there for the majority of my life. I don’t think that he gets it. I even told him that I wanted him to tell me that he understands and he didn’t say that. But he did bring up “creationism”, wacko. It’s just perfect, the perfect cherry on top of the sundae, that he’s a religious person. That’s serious sarcasm people. I don’t believe in “God”, I don’t believe in organized religons, I can’t say I’m truly an Atheist because I do believe in a higher power, but I really and truly dislike all the dogma that comes along with churches and religions, etc. But so, the sperm donor was already trying to push his religious stuff on me, which I find to be INCREDIBLY rude especially given the fact that he’s never been around, knows absolutely nothing about who I am as a person, but yet feels the need to bring up “creationism”. Butthead. Everybody has their beliefs and I respect that, but I just don’t like having shoved down my throat when I didn’t ask for it.

Anywhoo… Someone just emailed me this insanely awesome quote from John Mayer. While introducing the song “Bigger Than My Body” he said “even if you know what you want to do with your life, there is no next day delivery service for it”. I’m so marrying him. Mark my words people! 🙂 He’s so right and right now I totally wish that there was a service like that ’cause it’s killing me to hafta wait like this for it all to come to fruition.

I guess the point is that I know that it’s going to happen, and as long as I believe and work towards it, everything will fall into place.

Tomorrow is our “summer event”. We were originally going to go to a park and have a picnic, but now we’re going bowling. Ech, yay. I’d much rather go to lunch and call it a day. Hopefully we’ll get there and all the lanes will be taken, then we can just go to a restaurant, like McCoveys. That’d be niiice.