it never ends

by Valli

Some things that I know:

1.) I know that I have no desire to see my sperm-donor father right now, nor do I even want to email him back. He’s just irritating to me, and he’s not doing anything special to irritate me, I’m just not interested in learning about him right now. I have no idea when I’ll want to learn more, either.

2.) Now that I’ve paid off my big-three credit debts, I feel better, but still kinda crappy because I can get everything right now. I know, I know it’s totally childish but I guess I’m a little bit like Veruca Salt, “I don’t care how, I want it now!” There are three things that I really, really, want to get right now. A couch, the bookshelf & bookshelf/desk and a laptop. All of which I’ll have the money to buy over the coming months, but it’s the fact that I have to do it, “over the coming months” that annoys me. I could of not paid off the credit cards that quickly but I wanted them done and gone. I’m sick of thinking about them.

to be continued…