a life in progress

Month: August, 2004

only got one

I’ve got a couple more dudes to add to the list of guys that are eligible to marry me… Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s single again! And Josh Hartnett… haha.. I keep seeing those previews for Wicker Park and I’m like “helllooooo!” 🙂 So it’s only two weeks till the party. I’m very excited about that. I […]

birthday of 2004

So tomorrow I go to work, but I have Tuesday off, which is my birthday. Which is awesome, I won’t have to endure my birthday at work. I’m hoping that we all don’t go out to lunch. Going to restaurants sucks for me, I can’t justify ordering an entire meal and paying all that money. […]

not crying about that

I’m not crying because of the surgery anymore. ha! now it’s because of work! hahahahaha… god thats so sad and fucked up 🙂

pieces of me

So, yesterday I told my boss that I would work on getting builder packages entered into the system. That’s a very high priority because people are getting billed for something that’s not actually live on the site. Submitting and gathering the information for builder packages takes a lot of time. There’s like 20 that I […]

the fabric of our culture

What the hell does that mean? This is what the CEO of the company I work for just said in our “peer committee” meeting. It’s such BS. I hate corporate crap. That statement means nothing to me. It doesn’t help me do my job better, it doesn’t give me more money, it doesn’t help me […]