pieces of me

by Valli

So, yesterday I told my boss that I would work on getting builder packages entered into the system. That’s a very high priority because people are getting billed for something that’s not actually live on the site. Submitting and gathering the information for builder packages takes a lot of time. There’s like 20 that I have to do. That’s a LOT of work. (not to mention being incredibly boring and painful). So I said I would work from home today, which of course doesn’t work ’cause all this crap comes up that I can work on from home, so I had to come in. Which is already annoying to me. Then I get here and I check my email and my boss wants me to make spec ads by tomorrow for a client that we have already sold and have sold to in the past. Why the fuck do I have to make spec ads for them? I DON’T HAVE FUCKING TIME.