birthday of 2004

by Valli

So tomorrow I go to work, but I have Tuesday off, which is my birthday. Which is awesome, I won’t have to endure my birthday at work. I’m hoping that we all don’t go out to lunch. Going to restaurants sucks for me, I can’t justify ordering an entire meal and paying all that money. Especially since I’m only going to eat like bites of it, and taking it home is just pointless ’cause I highly doubt I’ll reheat it, unless it’s chinese food.

On turning 24, I’m not sure what I think of it. It’s alright I suppose, I’ve got 6 more years of my twenties.

It sucks that I can’t have chicken. I love chicken. It’s not until you’re without it do you realize all the things that have chicken in them that you’d like to eat, or that you’d be able to eat once you’re in the next phase. Like I can still go to Mimi’s Cafe and get the chicken tacos, but just not eat the tortilla. Er, at least I’ll be able to eventually. Hopefully when I go back in for another appt with the surgeon on the 17th they’ll tell me I’m free to try stuff…sweet bliss. I hope so at least.

Nothing else left to say. bleh