only got one

by Valli

I’ve got a couple more dudes to add to the list of guys that are eligible to marry me… Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s single again! And Josh Hartnett… haha.. I keep seeing those previews for Wicker Park and I’m like “helllooooo!” 🙂

So it’s only two weeks till the party. I’m very excited about that. I still have no couch and I probably won’t get it until the end of Sept./beginning of October. Although I’m looking into renting a couch for the month, which would be great, but I gotta check it out. It’s looking like that might be possible. If it isn’t then I’ll just buy a bunch of floor pillows, bring down the folding chairs from my mom’s place. It’ll be cool… Ah! Just talked to Rent a Center and it is possible to rent a couch for a month. Perfecto.