a life in progress

Month: August, 2004

beauty in the breakdown

I love, love, love the song that plays over the Garden State trailer. While I was at work today I heard it on the Yahoo Internet Radio station. It’s by a group called Frou Frou. So after work I immediately went over to Tower to buy it. Maybe being this close to Tower is a […]

on the way down

I had my first post-op checkup with my surgeon today. My official weight loss as of today is 18 pounds, which is just awwesome. They’ve allowed me to move on to the next stage of food, they said to be gradual with it. It’ll be a month though before I can try to eat chicken. […]

leave well enough alone

Kimmie Gibler never fails to irk me. I think the only way to get her to not talk to me about anything not related to work would be for me to actually say to her “Look, I just don’t like you”. That’s super harsh and I would never say that, but damn I wish I […]

the death of junk food

Being at home everyday isn’t necessarily the greatest thing in the world. It’s not like, for the majority of the time, I’ve been feeling perfect and have had the ability to do things outside. So I’m inside all day, bored. As sad and sick as it sounds going back to work will be a good […]

a medical spa

That’s how I like to think of hospitals. Medical Spa’s… Seriously. Everybody does everything for you, taking care of you. You get room service, they put those stalking things on ya to make sure you don’t get any blood clots. Of course its a medical spa when you’re going in there for something positive. I […]