a life in progress

Month: September, 2004

all you wanted is somebody who cares

Last night I was so psyched to watch Dale Jr on 60 Minutes. Unfortunately my worst fears were confirmed. He’s a Republican! Ech. But at least he went to see Farenheit 9/11 to keep a somewhat open mind. 🙂 On the other hand I did get to see the other side of his house, and […]

the betsey couch

So I finally got my couch today. I ordered it in July so it’s about frickin time. A couple odd things of note. 1.) the guys who delivered the couch weren’t your standard young dudes, no I got two guys who looked like they’d been grampa’s for awhile, maybe in their sixties. They were tall […]

keep your wig on

Anywhooo. I spent the weekend crocheting. Whenever my mother or I get the urge to crochet it usually means that someone is pregnant. It’s happened twice with me, once with my sister was pregnant with her third child I believe and then the other time was my sisters friend. But maybe it’s just me wanting […]

everyday there is a battle

Today is Jamie’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jamie! Everybody except for the head boss dude is gone. I, of course, am still here. The little advert hootchies left at 3 ’cause they couldn’t take the new ad system. Kimmie in particular was just “too tired” to go on. Right. I got fantabulous news today. My couch […]

don’t waste the pretty

On Seinfeld, there’s this saying that George’s dad uses “Serenity Now!”, cracks me up, and I said it to myself at work today, soo funny and yet so appropriate. 🙂 This morning when I came in no one was here. It was great. It lasted until about 10 or 11 something. I turned on the […]