don’t waste the pretty

by Valli

On Seinfeld, there’s this saying that George’s dad uses “Serenity Now!”, cracks me up, and I said it to myself at work today, soo funny and yet so appropriate. 🙂

This morning when I came in no one was here. It was great. It lasted until about 10 or 11 something. I turned on the TV, ’cause I felt like it. I accidentally spilled orange juice on my jeans so I went home for lunch. I figured if Rox or Kim was here when I got back it would be off, but Kimmie Gibler is here and it’s still on. Shocking.

I found this great job ad on craigslist that I really, really want. I’m not going to talk about it too much because if I don’t get an interview I’ll be annoyed that I said anything about it at all.

I gotta get that book “He’s Just Not That Into You” from that dude who was on Oprah yesterday. His book is now the #1 selling thing on because of Oprah. Gosh, if I could get on Oprah with just ONE of my ideas I’d be a friggin millionaire.