everyday there is a battle

by Valli

Today is Jamie’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jamie!

Everybody except for the head boss dude is gone. I, of course, am still here. The little advert hootchies left at 3 ’cause they couldn’t take the new ad system. Kimmie in particular was just “too tired” to go on. Right.

I got fantabulous news today. My couch (although it’s technically called a “daybed) is finally ready to be delivered to me! So they’re going to deliver it on Wednesday. They’re going to call me Monday to set up a timeframe. I can’t wait. It’ll be so great to sit on a couch again. The chair I got from Cost Plus is good, but I’ll finally feel semi-normal now with an actual couch in my place. Would you like to see it? Click Here. I got it in the “Pottery” color which is more of a red color, not the one shown on the main page. I think you can check out the swatches. I hope it looks good. I have to move my bookshelves over, oh and that reminds me I should get my mom’s tape measure to make sure it’ll fit. I actually want it to be big, they say you should get big pieces of furniture for small spaces. It’s been so long since I checked it out at the store.

So DS officially can’t do the show, they’re touring again. I finally got around to emailing Jesse and told him to let me know if it was an official “no” from the entire band. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I’m hoping he reads it today and talks to the guys today and responds, TODAY! 🙂 I still have no idea what I’m going to do about that show. It’s so annoying.

Ah yes, everybody is now offically out of the office. Although that means that I should leave too. I kind of don’t mind being here when everybody’s gone. I can freely surf the web.

Just heard from SAP, and they’re available to do the show. So that’s 3 bands so far. I wish FT would just do it, I’d feel sooo much better about the whole thing. Oh well, who cares about that when I get to go home and have my choice of a potsticker, french fries, mini corn dog nuggets or a fish fillet. Ahh, I love choices 🙂