keep your wig on

by Valli

Anywhooo. I spent the weekend crocheting. Whenever my mother or I get the urge to crochet it usually means that someone is pregnant. It’s happened twice with me, once with my sister was pregnant with her third child I believe and then the other time was my sisters friend. But maybe it’s just me wanting a baby. I don’t really, really want one now of course, but if I was married and I could stay home I’d want a baby. It’d be cool.

I just realized something about my soon to be non-boss. I don’t want/need another mother and I know that that’s something that she tries/tried to be to us. It works on Gibler ’cause her mother doesn’t live nearby (and she seems to be completely different from her mom anyway) but I’m not having any part of it. I think it also goes back to not wanting to feel like I’m 12 or something.

Dumping syndrome is a bitch. I just had some chocolate milk and I feel like shit. I knew I would feel like shit but I had to have it. I was craving chocolate milk, but now I don’t want it anymore. It was still worth it though. 🙂