the betsey couch

by Valli

So I finally got my couch today. I ordered it in July so it’s about frickin time. A couple odd things of note. 1.) the guys who delivered the couch weren’t your standard young dudes, no I got two guys who looked like they’d been grampa’s for awhile, maybe in their sixties. They were tall and in good shape, I almost thought they’d be good dates for my mom, hah 🙂 2.) the couch’s color was and wasn’t what I expected. I had a swatch before I bought it, but it’s not the same as seeing the thing completely covered in it. So it’s like this red/orangey color. It reminds me of the car I drove in high school, it would go between orange and red, hence the name “the betsey couch” betsey was the name of my car in high school. *sigh* ahh.. the memories with that car. I miss her. 🙂

I don’t get how someone can just go stupid all of a sudden. Take my soon to be ex-boss (ex ’cause she’s going to a different dept/company) for example. Today she emails me saying to credit a customer for october. Like hello, we’re not even in October yet. She, for some insane, inane reason, thought that we billed people the month before their ad ran on the site. Now, she’s been with us for a year, the fact that she thinks that is completely and utterly SAD. Even after I explained to her what & when I had billed these people she was still like “well i don’t want them to billed for something that they’re not getting”… wacko. How can they be billed for something that I haven’t billed yet??

The guy that I used to think was hot at work had a baby. Well I still think he’s hot, but he’s kinda dopey. Anyway. They had a boy, named him Lukas. Which is soo cute, and annoying ’cause I like that name, but no matter. 🙂 Today he brought around photos and the kid is so cute! I want one! waah! Ok not, right now, but ya know “one day”. You kinda need a guy for that, so I’ll wait till I find a decent one.