a life in progress

Month: October, 2004

weak and powerless

It’s so funny that that song should be on right now, ’cause it’s exactly how I feel. That’s the problem with this job, I’m powerless. I’m in charge of paperclips, big whoop. I found out yesterday that the “advertising producer” job was shot down and denied by headquarters. So then I suddenly felt like I […]


I want a scooter. I’m making this spec ad for a customer who sells, you guessed it, scooters. They’re awesome, from Italy and everything. They’re so cute.

just an ordinary day

I need a comfortable chair for my desk at home. I can’t write journal entries there ’cause I’m not comfortable. Everytime I ask the Oracle about Scott it tells me there’s someone else I should be looking at who’s close to me and I’m like “who??”. So frustrating. There isn’t anyone, anyone it could be […]

you’re addicted

You Know You’re Addicted to LiveJournal When… If you can’t access the site, you have a minor freak out – and a major case of hitting reload. You found yourself composing journal entries during dates, movies, even sex! When you’re out, you suddenly think of a witty reply to a comment somebody made to you… […]

she swears that she’s artsy

Stupidity. It’s running rampant I tell ya. Some guy emailed me about the photo of John Mayer that’s on the front of my site, It’s a double picture of John Mayer, and he asked me who the other guy was. Is he crazy?? It’s John Mayer! He’s wearing the exact same thing in both […]