she swears that she’s artsy

by Valli

Stupidity. It’s running rampant I tell ya. Some guy emailed me about the photo of John Mayer that’s on the front of my site, It’s a double picture of John Mayer, and he asked me who the other guy was. Is he crazy?? It’s John Mayer! He’s wearing the exact same thing in both photos. So stupid. 🙂 I think that’s the second time someone has emailed me about that. I need to change the photo probably.

Then there’s various people at work who are suffering from the stupidity disease. But I won’t get into all of their faults right now. I need to go make color copies and I don’t want to, but I do ’cause it gets me out of here, and away from certain people but then again I have to stand around in the retail dept looking like a nut.

I found this “love horoscope” on MSN, this is what it says for me this week:
As soon as you feel you have something good, you want to expand it. You want to make it bigger. If you just started dating someone who you think you might have a connection with, immediately your mind starts to think about a house together, babies, holidays, traveling together, and rocking in chairs on the front porch together until you are old and gray. Hold on there, Virgo. Not so fast. This week, your plans to expand, improve, or strengthen your relationship are likely to backfire. It seems that you are anxious to take your partnership to the next level. That’s fine, but why does it have to be so soon? It doesn’t. Enjoy where you are for the time being, and don’t be so hasty to put the down payment on a new house. For now, just enjoy each other’s company and have a good time. Any moves to take your partnership to the next level this week will end up causing your relationship to move backward, not forward.

That is sooo me! Even when I get some little smidgen of something I’m off and running. Then again I daydream about that stuff even when I haven’t even met the person (I’ve got like, stock daydreams involving Dale Jr. and Mayer that I can call on at any time). So I do need to chill, that’s definitely one of those things that I’m having a hard time changing in myself. But if I just had one good relationship, one good guy I could probably calm down about it all. Hopefully 🙂

I’m so proud of myself right now. I made the flier for the acoustic show and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. yay. Now I just need to make copies and distribute them. ugh. I wonder if the skatepark has a message board. I doubt it.