a life in progress

Month: October, 2004

these are the promises that i can’t keep

My titles, a lot of the time, have nothing to do with what my journal entry is about. I just pick ’em out of a song that might be playing at the time. Since Jamie pointed out that the guys from FT could possibly search on their name and somehow in the process stumble across […]

on your shore

I had an eventful weekend. I went to the FT show on Saturday at ImusicASS. When I arrived Sergio was outside and payed for me to get into the show. I didn’t think that he would pay for me, I thought he was just going to put me on the list. Anyway, let me just […]

fighting for it all

You can try to keep me down You can try to keep me under But you’ll never get my will, You’ll never take my will to fight ‘Cause I was born at the bottom of this mountain I’m scared and I’ll probably climb it , Climb it till the day I die All the things […]

because the night

Yesterday I went straight to the mall after work. I went to LB and got a bunch of stuff, including jeans in a size smaller than I’ve got now. Then I went to Torrid and got two great tops, plus this ring thats basically like fake diamonds but it’s got a ton of ’em and […]

an ellipsis

well, well, well… look what the cat dragged in… So I was on the phone talking to Gabe for the first time. He was nice and cool, the only bad thing I can say is that he’s just not really into a relationship right now and he’s not that big on talking on the phone. […]